Sand, Soda & Shot Blasting

We offer a stellar service, delivering all your sand, soda and shot blasting needs in St Austell, Cornwall and the South West. We also provide our services to other areas across the UK if arranged. From cleaning intricate stonework, patios and driveways through to fireplace renovation and paint removal, we have all the equipment and finesse to produce the results you envisage. Our services vary, from sand through to soda, shot and even bead blasting. The procedure requires a highly-skilled professional with acute attention to detail, which is why you should choose us for impeccable results. So, if your property, machinery or vehicle is run down, why not get in touch today?

What Are The Types of Blasting?

With our mobile service, we offer a range of blasting techniques, including:


Sandblasting is a form of abrasive blasting. The procedure involves propelling abrasive material at a high velocity to change the appearance of a surface and its properties. This effective method smooths and shapes surfaces that are rough, worn and torn, making them look brand new again. It can also remove any unwanted features, expose underlying surfaces and restore its original condition, like grains on wood for example.


Soda blasting is also a form of abrasive blasting, although the procedure is much milder. This versatile cleaning method provides a thorough yet gentle approach to a number of surfaces and materials. Moreover, it is renowned for its automotive uses. From vehicle restoration through to property maintenance, soda blasting’s mild nature ensures it is both beneficial for surfaces (preventing damage) and the environment.


Shot blasting has a different application technique. It features an entirely different pressurising system and has a more aggressive approach, blasting very fine grains of iron at materials. The method is commonly used on larger surfaces and objects with a dense material and effectively strips off layers and removes stains, marks and dirt.


Bead blasting removes deposits from surfaces using high-pressure methods. However, bead blasting involves shooting fine glass beads which vigorously clean surfaces but do not cause any damage. The results? A soft, smooth and seamless looking surface!

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