Metal Restoration

We provide effective shot and sandblasting services at affordable and competitive prices. If you have metal which is in need of restoration, choose our professionals to help make it gleam again. Sandblasting removes rust, mill scale and corrosion from metal surfaces. It is much lighter than soda blasting, which uses a high-speed stream of steel particles rather than sand. We can restore any metal surface, object or even vehicle back to its former glory, whether it’s small parts or full vehicles and machinery. So, why not call our professionals so we can get that shine back in no time?

Shot Blasting Metal

Blasting metal is the most effective way to remove old rust and dirt. Whether it’s an old bell tower, commercial skip, classic car, bike frame, or industrial metal flooring, we can make it look brand new again. Sandblasting is essential to ensure a quality finish, as painting over rust will cause noticeable marks, scarring and bubbles. Our craftsmen can restore the look of machinery, tools, vehicles, gates, railings and much more, prepping them ready to be painted.

Vehicle Restoration

From tractors through to truckers, dumpers, rollers and cranes, as well as old vintage to modern cars, rest assured our blasting media can help eradicate any dirt or rust using the most our state-of-the-art equipment. Our skills are unrivalled and we pride ourselves on our great level of accuracy and attention to the tiny details. So, if you are looking for flawless results, trust that we will make it happen.

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