Timber Restoration & Paint Stripping

We specialise in safe, unharmful beam cleaning, paint removal and stripping and timber and wood restoration. If you have wooden surfaces or objects that require paint or varnish removal, rest assured we can help restore them to their natural state. We can also remove paint from wood, brick, masonry and metals using a range of expert techniques and non-harmful methods. Our low pressure, chemical-free precision blasting can remove paint on classic cars, strip furniture, restore items that have suffered from smoke damage and much more. So, for a free no-obligation quotation, get in touch today!

Paint Removal

We have effective methods which will remove or strip paint from surfaces, whether it’s new or old. We have a variety of blasting techniques which allow us to do this, depending on the sensitivity of the surface and the amount of pressure it can withstand. Our professionals can remove paint from any surface or object, whether it’s the exterior of your property or bonnet of your car. We have an acute attention to detail and work carefully to ensure we restore materials back to their original condition, without causing any damage like pitting or scarring.

Sandblasting Wood

Sandblasting wood is an effective method which removes paint and varnish, bringing out the natural grains, especially on oak. We have extensive knowledge and the artistic flare to restore wooden doors, windows, furniture, surfaces and equipment. So, whether you have wooden floors, benches, tables and chairs, wall panels or beams, choose us for vigorous cleaning which will prove to be cost-effective and long lasting.

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