Protective Coating

We specialise in the preparation and application of protective coatings on a wide variety of metal surfaces, objects, machinery and vehicles. Our company has a successful track record and over 15 years of experience in restoring the look and feel of a number of materials. Protective coatings are essential to prevent rust, corrosion, damp and more. They are high-quality industrial paints designed to protect and enhance the appearance of different metals. Our fully mobile service means we come to you, so whether you have an old fireplace that needs restoring or a tractor, make us your first choice. Get in touch today to find out more about our comprehensive services.

How Do You Make Metal Look New Again?

The preparation stage is essential in order to get a successful result. To stop paint from wearing away prematurely, we apply protective coatings which prevent moisture from seeping through. Zero moisture results in zero corrosion/rust and it is a proven, cost-effective method. From structural steelwork through to vehicles and plant machinery, we can remove dirt, paint and rust effectively before adding a protective coating for a flawless finish.

Benefits of Industrial Protective Coating

There are a number of benefits to industrial protective coatings, including:

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We offer quality, industrial protective coatings in and around Cornwall and the South West. So, why not contact us today to discover more?